10 Types Of Cricket Matches You Should Know About


Not everyone knows about the game called"The Gentleman's Game." However, in the UK it is the popular game aside from football as it could be traced back to the days when kings and princes are available playing together with their knights and soldiers. And that is what makes this game last even until today. Actually, one of the most expected tournaments in the world of cricket is continuing --the Ashes Test tournament.

But before we go a bit further than that, here is a list of the ten types of cricket you Ought to Know about in the Event That You love the game;

Twenty20- it was first introduced and played 2003 in the UK, however, its popularity spread to other cricket-playing nations.

First-Class- it is the earliest kind of cricket that has been practiced before the test matches were played. There are many similarities between the two types, however, this type has a three-day duration while the other one can reach up to five days.

Test- among other forms, this is the most challenging and is known to be the ultimate test of cricketers. It's by far the most accurate yardstick if you are likely to measure a team's attempt and capabilities.

Club- it's often the most recognizable amateur match in the universe of cricket. Although amateur in nature, it is when aspiring cricketers learn how to observe the laws of this game. It's often played with a lot of seriousness on both teams competing.

One-Day- as exactly what the title denotes this tournament must have a winner a day. It's frequently played with colored pajamas and white balls; more often, it's the ideal choice to 5-day matches and can attract huge number of spectators especially the international matches.

County- if you are living in the united kingdom, you have to be acquainted with this kind since it's frequently played in the counties. More often, it's a rivalry between two counties to prove who has more exceptional members.

List A- it is new kind introduced by International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2006. Those who made this type have been requesting ICC to comprehend it as a brand new part of the cricket world.

Brief Form- for men and women who don't have a lot of time watching the game for eight hours, Brief type of Cricket is the ideal alternative. Basically, all the elements of the game is compressed into this kind, however, a match is over after about two weeks.

It's designed particularly for kids who love the sport. Rather than the official balls and bats, the kids are given plastic bats and balls to avoid harm.

Indoor- as the name suggeststhis type is often played in smaller stadiums which means that's it also quicker than the conventional cricket match. You may rarely witness this type of cricket.

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The greatest match between England and Australia is continuing - The Ashes. Find out more about the most powerful team of both, know who the main players are, and also know who'll take home the ashes for this season's tournament. You can get upgrades of The Ashes via the most recent news.

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